Del Norte

A pine needle falls in the forest, a hawk saw it, a deer heard it and a bear smelled it. According to John Muir, the only thing that a bear would’t eat is granite. We’re in Del Norte State and Federal park. It is in the very northwest corner of California. It was a long drive getting here. We only stopped a few times. Most notably at a vista just north of Ft. Bragg. It was still foggy, so there wasn’t much vista to be had. A professional birder was walking back from the coast, but he was rather dejected because of the weather. He counts two birds, Oyster Catchers, who don’t catch oysters and Pelagic Cormorants, which don’t nest offshore. We breakfasted at the Steward Point market and had enough burrito leftover for lunch, which we ate atop a giant redwood log in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Our campsite is in a redwood grove, second growth. The stumps of the original trees are huge. The mosquitoes are plentiful, but strangely they don’t bite. “You look like elk, but you’re not elk.”

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