Salt Point

We left Monterey, driving north. Circled the Bay Area on the east side, crossing into Marin County on the Richmond bridge. We stopped for lunch at Washoe House, near Santa Rosa, where the ceiling is decorated with dollar bills, some very brown from the smoking. We made our way to the coast at Bodaga Bay, where they are still celebrating the filming of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, after all these many years. When we were living in Marin, contemporary with the movie making, my family came up here to check out the locations. We headed north on One, stopping at scenic overlooks and following all of the road’s twists and turns. We crossed the Russian River and came to Fort Ross. I don’t know why it’s not called Rus. It was the Russian’s southern most outpost. The walled fort is guarded by two blockhouses. One is eight sided, while the other one is seven. It is now an excellently preserved historical park. From there it was not too far to Salt Point and our campsite. Setup, dinner and a cloudless sunset viewing finished the day.

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