We left Bryce after breakfast and drove the easy hour plus to Zion. The park was crowded. It had already run out of parking by the time that we arrived. People were getting creative and the rangers were ticketing with gusto in response. Fortunately for us we have a campsite, which has its own spot. We’re in the Watchman Campground, in the walk-in section. I got a better spot than last time, once the squatters got shooed away, on the edge and with more shade than last time.

Once we parked, we headed off on foot, with day packs loaded. Zion is so popular that shuttle buses are used and for the most part private vehicles are prohibited. We hopped a shuttle to the last stop and walked the trail to the Narrows. The Narrows is a slot canyon and as such is prone to flash flooding. We were OK on the river walk and in this very wet year the Narrows are still closed. Water is still flowing at about three times the rate that the park service permits people to go upstream from where we were stopped.

Afterwards, we shuttled back to the history museum and another ranger talk. You knew that was coming, right? We walked the last mile back to camp. By the time that we got back, the site was clear, but with three boys in their party, there will be no tip for housekeeping here. We set up camp, had dinner, cleaned up and I have to wrap this post up now, because we have another ranger talk to attend. Ta-ta!

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