Capitol Reef (2)

We are at the home of the water pocket fold, Capitol Reef, the geological feature that acts like a two hundred mile long wall across Utah, an east-west barrier that still inhibits travel. Water pools in between the cliffs here hence the water pocket. The fold part pertains to the curl in the rock walls.

The birds here are amazing and Anne is really digging them and her new camera too. She photographs them constantly. Me, with bird poop on the tent, not so much.

Tomorrow we should have cell access again and will post pics. Last time in Utah, we only gave this place a drive-by. Two nights this time was way better. I think that I like the less crowded parks.

After breakfast, we joined a ranger led geology hike. It was strenuous at times, but well worth the effort. Afterwards, we walked in on a children’s program at the nature center. It was good to sit in the shade for a while, play along and rest.

For lunch, we took a page from Jack Kerouac and had pie for lunch, with ice cream too. The historic Gifford house, a Mormon farm, had a concession that sold these goodies. After lunch we drove up the valley to the entrance of Capitol Gorge Trail, the historic way through the Reef, before Utah 24 was put through in the seventies. When the scenic road turned to dirt, we turned around, Prius you know.

Next, another ranger’s talk, this one was held at the petroglyphs along 24. It was a good talk. Dinner under threatening skies, but no rain. Yea! After dinner, Anne did her fourth ranger event of the day. Kind of a record. I stayed in camp, watched the fire and wrote this post. Tomorrow, Bryce Canyon, a motel, showers and laundry. Looks like the stars might come out tonight.

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