Jay, Rey, Becca, Ashlan and Carl

When the west was still wild, mountain men would meet once a year in what was called a rendezvous. Old acquaintances were renewed, news exchanged and new friendships forged. There was also a fair bit of partying. The rendezvous was usually held in areas like Boulder, on the mountain’s doorsteps. Thursday, when we were coming to Boulder, Anne saw signs for Fort Collins. Triggering a memory that Jay’s family would be flying in today. She reached out to Jay and asked if they could meet us for tea. I was skeptical, but never bet against Anne and her sister. Even though Jay’s family landed in three separate planes and had a previously scheduled dinner engagement, the stars were aligned. 

Our objective was the Dushanbe Teahouse. This Boulder landmark was steered to us by our Gyrotonics instructor. Tajikistan had sent several hundred crates of building materials that became the heart and soul of this teahouse. Located south of Pearl Street, Boulder’s trendy shopping district, the entire area was packed.

We wasted half-an-hour first circling up a parking structure and then back down again. It was full. We eventually found street parking blocks away. In addition to the normal Saturday shopping crush, there was a huge festival occurring across the street from the teahouse. Wading through the crowd, Anne and I found the place. I felt silly asking, but the hostess said yes, we could have a table for seven in a half-hour. We got the text, when our table was ready and were just being seated, when Jay and company showed up. Like I said, the stars were aligned.

I snapped this picture as Jay, et. al. were beating feet to Fort Collins. They were standing in front of the contemporary art museum, which we toured after they left. We next headed to Pearl for some shopping. I was impressed, but at times it became a little too much. We dined at Bartaco that Jane had recommended. Then it was time to go find the car and return to the motel.

We had spent the morning hiking again in Rocky Mountain National Park. We chose an enterance a little closer to Boulder, got an early start and avoided doing a death march. We almost hit a moose with the Prius, but no harm, no foul.

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