Schooner Sunset

Schooners at Mallory Square Sunset

Run away! Run away! Run to the light. Run to the warmth. If the polar vortex won’t begone, then just go. To paraphrase Horace Greely, go south young man. We’re only about halfway through the Weather Channel’s list of named winter storms. Does this mean that we are only halfway through winter? The calendar doesn’t offer us much in the way of comfort. The vernal equinox is more than a month away and it’s cold out there, baby! A couple of weeks ago, Phil from Punxsutawney promised us an early spring. Well, It’s not early enough for me.

We’ve gotten some more snow, but rain is becoming the real story. In Illinois, the Kaskaskia has left its banks and is not looking back. Bonus ponds or flooded fields dot the land. The land is inundated. Can you say wet spring?

After two good days of exercise, weather has interfered with any more training. We hope to do three multi-day organized bike rides this year. This is a departure from last year’s record of none. I guess, we’re trying to recapture younger day. 

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