Orchid Show

Cattleya Drumbeat

Anne has been repeating what she had heard at school that they should move the Super bowl to Saturday, so that everyone could party and not have to worry about getting up for work the next day. As it turned out she didn’t have to worry anyway. With the day off and such a beautiful day it was, we headed over to the botanical gardens and its annual orchid show. She deployed with her brand new camera. Her old one had taken a few too many hit points. This one is heftier, has a much bigger zoom, but still fits in her pockets, which was a must. We walked the gardens after the show. Afterwards, we headed to Olio for a late lunch.

Bulbophyllum cumingll

Set in a 1930s Standard Oil gas station, its décor is eclectic. We first discovered this place while biking, but then so did everyone else. On this day, dare I say, late winter or maybe even early spring day, it was pretty empty. We saw Witch Hazel in bloom at the gardens, always one of the first harbingers of spring. The Post’s recommendation was for their King of Kings tahini humus. We ordered that, plus their Jerusalem bagel, which features a sauce of labne, zaatar and pomegranate. It was all so good that we finished this vegan day with a salad. I guess dinner’s blue cheese dressing doesn’t quite qualify as vegan. Whoops!

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