Moose Twins

Baby Moose 1

Regular readers of this blog will recognize these photos. Versions of them have been published before. I did reprocess these. Anne had asked for prints and I used a new and improved camera shake reduction technique. My Canon SX60, has a great zoom, but on a rainy day, its max zoom generates considerable camera shake. The main reason that I am reposting these pics, is that they are easily my best from last summer’s month-long western camping trip.

They are hardly National Geographic quality, but I’m still pleased with them. They are pictured on a gravel bar. In-between us is a roaring river. Mom is behind them, off camera, guarding the backdoor. They were taken last June in Glacier. The Going-to-the-Sun road was still closed at the pass. We were allowed to drive about halfway, to Avalanche Pass. From there we set off on foot. We were passed by bicyclist and we eventually hooked up with a single woman. Safety in numbers, what with the bears. We saw the moose on the way up and on the way back. These shots are from the return run. On the way up the calves didn’t appear to be doing to well. They sat on that bar for at least a couple of hours, occasionally nursing. When we showed these photos to rangers, they thought that the moose were about a week old. Only about a third of moose live births are twins. We feel especially blessed to have witness these.

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  1. What do they say in Alaska, when there are twins, one is for keeping and one is for nature (i.e. the wolves)? That is at least what my grandfather always said.

    (Cute pics!)

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