Matchstix Man

Matchstix Bromeliad

I took this picture on Monday. It wasn’t until Tuesday that I figured out which flower I had photographed. I didn’t just want to call it something like strange pink flower, although I have used such nondescript titles like that in the past. On Monday, I Googled without success this plants name. Yesterday, I asked two Climatron workers, who were only able to identify its family as bromeliad. Some more Googling eventually elucidated this flower’s name. Mystery solved!

Instead of going to the garden for the third day in a row, I did my normal walk or at least attempted to. While most sidewalks had been cleared, there were enough that hadn’t that I ended up mainly walking in the street. Fortunately, for a lot of the walk there was a bike lane to walk in and in the neighborhoods there wasn’t that much traffic. Maybe it was a sign of my fatigue and frustration that when I was almost home, I was disappointed to find that Ethel Walk had not been shoveled. This a public walkway that connects two streets and crosses an open storm drain. Such was my despair that when I returned home, I called up the city to complain. I was told that the city doesn’t shovel sidewalks, but I contended that this one was different, after all, it has its own street sign. Stay tuned we’ll have to wait and see where this one goes.  

Speaker Pelosi “asked” the President to consider postponing his SOTU address, because of security concerns caused by his 26 day shutdown. If he could not see reopening the government, then rather than throwing a temper tantrum, because she took his TV time away, she invited him to submit his report in writing. This to the man who only yesterday served “1000 hamberders” up on Twitter. 

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