Spouting Off

Old Faithful

No this is not another one of my political rants, at least I don’t think that it will be. Sometimes this blog takes on a life of its own and just drags me along for the ride. We’ll see. I’m spouting off here, not because I have anything particularly noteworthy to say, but primarily out of habit. So, don’t get your hopes up. OK?

I knew if I just started writing inspiration would soon arrive. I am now experimenting with Gutenberg the new (at least to me) WordPress editor. I like the new drop cap feature, but if I could figure out how to get back to the Classic WordPress editor, I would do it in a heartbeat. I find myself switching back and forth into HTML mode, because I really don’t know what I’m doing in this #*@&! editor. I eventually found out how to get back to the old editor, but then I lose the drop cap feature.

I thought that I was being a bit of a luddite until I checked out the Guttenberg support page. The comments there are scathing. Apparently, this editor is still really buggy. So, it is not all me. Fighting this editor is taking too long and I didn’t really have all that much to say. I hope that you all found the drop cap I illuminating, because as near as I can tell that’s the only original thing here.  

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