Sunrise — Sunset

Pictured is our new tablecloth. Anne just made it. It is reversible and is made of batik. This batik fabric is from Indonesia, making it authentic and as near as we can tell is made with a non-repeating pattern of at least 18 feet worth. Batik is a technique of wax-resistant cloth dyeing. The wax resists the dyes and allows fabric to be selectively colored by soaking the cloth in one color, removing the wax with boiling water and repeating if multiple colors are desired. Anne combined red and blue fabrics to make this tablecloth. It certainly is colorful. We immediately put it on the dining room table, giving me the chance to wash the gingerbread crumbs out of the red one. 

After a dreary last half of the week, today dawned brightly. Anne had had the foresight to draw the blinds last night, after our night of partying, otherwise we would have been awoken at dawn. Taking advantage of the warm weather, we walked over to Maplewood, Maple-hood, Maple-weird to finish up our holiday shopping (I hope) and get a little exercise to boot. The air was alive with the sound of leaf blowers. as people were trying to blow-dry all of their wet leaves. We saw a car that was covered with license plates, including the holy grail of the license plate game, Hawaii. This gives Anne her second victory of the year, just in time for our upcoming road trip. I snagged a latte at Foundation Grounds and Anne chatted up a couple of her school friends. After shopping we trudged home, with a backpack full of loot.  

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