Mueller Friday

Plasma Globe

To kick off the day, the ether was flooded with a fusillade of typo-ridden tweets. The markets chorused in with another day long rout. Fox & Friends is now at the UN. Former Secretary of State Tillerson had less than kind things to say about our illiterate President, who in turn went full third-grader, calling Rex a dumb and lazy box of rocks. All of this was merely preamble to the witching hour. Tension within Individual 1 must have continued to build throughout the day. The first shoe to drop occurred in NYC, where long time fixer Cohen had the book thrown at him, with only “a modest downward variance” in sentencing guidance. This un-redacted document should provide plenty of grist for days yet to come. All this and still no word yet on Manafort, the other shoe. A judge has already said that this document will likely be held mainly secret, like Flynn’s.

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