New York to Boston

Liberty Island

Anne and I are on the Amtrak train to Boston now. We bade farewell to Dan this morning, as he headed out to work. It was nice visiting with him and seeing New York, but now it is time to move on to the second half of our vacation, Boston and Dave. We took a Uber from Dan’s to Penn Station. The driver was talkative. What with his first grade daughter and Anne’s teaching, he and she hit it off well. On the way, he pointed out Jay Z’s old “stash box” at 560th State Street. He was a born and bred New Yorker, piloting a black Suburban. I felt like I was the king of the road.  

Yesterday, while Dan worked, we went full tourist. Took the subway to Wall Street. Saw the New York Stock Exchange. They were hauling my money out of the building in wheelbarrows that day. We also saw Federal Hall Monument, where George Washington was sworn in as President. People were protesting the census. We lunched at Ashlan’s original Potbelly.

The main events were Liberty and Ellis Inlands and the boats, don’t forget the boats. We rode Lady Liberty, Miss New Jersey and Miss New York. It was a day where everything took longer than expected and we were always behind schedule. At the statue we didn’t have time to go up into the pedestal, before it was time to sail to Ellis. At Ellis we tried some genealogy searches, but came up empty. Too many people had come through. With the Mayfeild (spelling) Dan picked another winner for dinner.

Back to riding the rails. We have plenty of room in our seats and things to see out the windows. We’re out of the city, into small towns and suburbs. There are plenty of fall colors and an occasional view of the water. Time to signoff.

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