NYC Arrival

Clear sign of heightened security in NYC

A member of our robot overlords greeted us upon our arrival at La Guardia. This Knight Scope sentry may not seem all that badass, but no one is going to mess with it. Like, tip it over. Not because of the extra weight that has been added to it, to prevent just that, but because of its two AR-15 toting human minions that accompany it, heightened security and all that. News events have since pushed these security concerns back. We taxied to Crown Heights.

Crown Heights is an orthodox Jewish neighborhood. Dan’s place is across the street from the Jewish Children’s Museum, which also doubles as a synagogue. He lives on Eastern Parkway. This Frederick Olmsted (Central Park) designed street claims to be the first ever parkway. Dan has a one-bedroom walk-up, with beautifully inlaid wood flooring, plus plenty of other quaint architectural details and a brand new kitchen. I like it a lot better than his old place in Bushwick.

Friday, Dan went to work and we were left to our own devices. After coffee and breakfast in the neighborhood, we took the subway to midtown Manhattan and started walking. We began with the touristy stuff. Sightseeing included, the Chrysler building, Grand Central Station, the main branch of the library and Rockefeller Center. We eventually made it to Central Park, where we whiled away a pleasant afternoon. Eventually, we headed over to MOMA, for their free Friday evening special hours. It was mobbed. I don’t recommend going then.

Afterwards, we headed downtown to Macy’s where Dan was still working. They are currently installing the 34th-street Christmas windows. Nicknamed the “Yes Virginia” windows, they’re not new. Next month, the Herald Square side of the store gets those. We saw the windows that he was working on, when he and his colleagues went street side to survey their work. After a few more minutes of further touch-up we were all on our way to dinner. It was 8:30 by then.

We met Brit, Dan’s girlfriend. She is a native New Yorker from Queens. We regaled her with tales of all of our grisly bike accidents. An odd choice, except that I had a severed limb hanging over my head, Halloween. We all rode the subway together, before she went her separate way. The cars were still full of revelers. As we walked back from the last train, the first few spits of rain had begun. Today, is going to be a very wet day, what with Willa coming to town. 

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