Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon

It is hard not to take a good picture in Antelope Canyon. Tours of this Arizona slot canyon are run by the Navajo. What makes this place unique is that unlike most slot canyons, which are V-shaped. Antelope is A-shaped. It is almost a cave, except for a narrow gap at its top. Its walls of flowing stone are sculpted by annual monsoon torrents. Flotsam lodged in cracks can be seen by looking up. Its swept flat sand floor makes walking easier in the dark. Navajo guides utilize this sand for photographic effects, such as manmade sand waterfalls that glitter in the rays of sunlight that penetrate only at noon.

This morning’s news is dominated by reports that bombs have been sent to the Obamas, Clintons, Soros and CNN. A report that a bomb was also sent to the Whitehouse is false. None of these bombs exploded, no one was killed or hurt and none of the bombs ever came close to their intended victims. In the end all that was delivered was a message, a threat. The fact that the intended victims are all Democratic or liberal would indicate that the perpetrator is probably some right-wingnut, who has been egged on by rhetoric that tars all these people as traitors, criminals and enemies of the people. Now who could this instigator be? 

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