Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Dan texted me his current location this morning, which was at the Manhattan Macy’s store. I can only assume that he was there as a window dresser. Anne photographed me, lying on the couch, under a blanket as my current location. The air mattress and bedding that we had Amazon ship to Dan’s has arrived and after an inexplicable torrent of tracking texts from the post office, our guide-book has arrived here. I can only guess that the texts were an electronic manifestation of some sort of government red tape.

Still, I was pleasantly surprised that the book arrived, because it wasn’t expected to arrive this early. In other news, CNN had an article, Pray that you don’t win the billion-dollar lottery. I guess that more than a few lottery winners have been murdered for their winnings. I’m not too worried though, because the odds are heavily in my favor that I won’t win, but it would be a life changing moment. No doubt about that. To that end, if no one wins in this week’s drawings, I won’t be buying anymore chances. No need to tempt the fates too much.

Yesterday, was a busy day. I had my noon luncheon, but Anne had an AM doctor’s appointment, followed by her quilt presentation in the afternoon. She made a baby quilt for the woman whom she substituted for, while that woman was on maternity leave. Then in the evening, she had to go back to school for a parent teacher’s conference. All this activity really put a ride sharing burden on our one car family. Anne walked to school in the afternoon, even though I made it home in time that she could have driven. Just not in time for when she had to leave home in order to get to school on time. It was a nice day though. 

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