Stanley was back on the job today. He was hobbling and hadn’t been at work since May, but he was there today. Stanley is the checker in the U-scan lines at our local grocery store. He has a melodious and deep baritone voice that he frequently exercises while at work. He mainly sings gospel, but his repertoire also includes popular songs. I think that tunes played on the store’s audio system sometimes inspire him. As I said, he limped when he walked. He is going to get knee surgery next month, but until then he will just have to work through the pain. I was so taken with his appearance that I forgot and left my seltzer water on the scales. I didn’t realize this until I had gotten home and had to go back to the store to retrieve it. It was still sitting on the scale, where I had left it. I had brought my receipt, just in case, but it was unnecessary. Stanley called me over to his kiosk and affixed a store sticker to the package and I was on my way. 

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