Yew Berries

Yew Berries

Don’t go out tonight, it’s bound to take your life, there’s a bathroom on the right. We were lunching in Café Mochi, a new to us Vietnamese sushi bar on South Grand, when Credence Clearwater’s Bad Moon Rising came across the audio system. At the time, Anne mentioned this song’s above misquoted lyrics, which apparently is a thing. Who knew? South Grand was featuring a chalk walk, where artists of varyingly skill levels were plying their sidewalk talents. We applied our drawing talents on a chalk truck. This truck was painted in a very flat paint that looked close to chalkboard black.

Previously, we had visited the gardens. I expected to see more flowers than we did, but apparently the gardeners had been turning the flower beds long before the weather had finally turned. There were still plenty of flowers, but many of the garden’s beds had already been turned for winter. As the above yew berries show, there was fruit in abundance. Though the berries are harmless, the seed within is highly toxic. Unbroken it will pass through without being digested but if the seed is chewed poisoning can occur with as few as three berries.

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