Every Fairy Tale Needs a Castle

Hovenweep Castle

Once upon a time, we were expecting company, our good friends Willie and Millie. Millie had called Anne and announced that they would be in the area and would like to do lunch. We were both so excited! Yesterday though, Millie called me to say that unfortunately their plans had changed and that they could no longer meet us for lunch. We were both so disappointed! Willie and Millie are old friends or rather friends of long-standing, so it is impossible to get too upset with them. We’re all too old now to get new old friends. Still, I couldn’t help note that they first called Anne with the good news, but when it came time to deliver the bad news, I was chosen as the recipient. Everyone likes Anne, my fairy tale princess, better than me. I can understand this, because I like her better than me too. It’s just that if I get treated like a troll, I’ll end up acting like one. 

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