Saint Louis Art Fair

Garden Pin Oak

The remnants of Hurricane Gordon moved through last night and the rain started to taper off this morning. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but in its wake it has caused some disruptions. I think that it was at least partially at fault for the cancellation of Lou Fest, the outdoor rock-and-roll festival that’s been held in Forest Park for years. The venue was suffering some financial problems, but a rainy weekend forecast had to be the final nail in its coffin. The Bike MS ride was also cancelled and I don’t think that it was because we weren’t riding.

The Saint Louis Art Fair also suffered from the weather. We had to forgo our plans to attend this event on Friday, because the heavens opened up just as it was about to get underway. We did go today and stayed dry, but we did witness one more tragedy related to the storm. We were on North Meramec, where tall buildings were creating a wind tunnel effect. Artists were holding their tents, but the wind seemed to be freshening. Anne and I were one booth away, when one particularly strong gust flipped the next tent. Unfortunately, this artist’s medium was glass. Most of her inventory was left shattered on the ground. Hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of merchandise was lost in a blink of an eye. And it seemed that only this small section of the fair was being affected by the wind.

We toured the entire art fair, which with 500 artists, really isn’t all that big. It’s a juried art fair, so most of the work is very good and also very expensive. More rain is forecasted, so I hope that the rest of the artists survive, but tomorrow’s weather should be better. I hope that they can salvage some of the loss business.

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