CWE Street Lights

The remnants of Hurricane Gordon are forecasted to arrive in Saint Louis this weekend. It is supposed to start raining Friday and all day Saturday, bringing with it over 3″ of rain. Normally, we would have been planning to do the Bike MS ride, as we have done many times in the past, but our lack of training had convinced us not to ride this year. Gordon’s advent only confirms this decision.

I’ve done the MS-150 charity ride in bad weather before and it is no fun. A similar September hurricane visitation caused the MS Society to revamp its route. On that year, everyone rode out, away from their cars and overnighted in Mexico, MO. The storm moved in Saturday night and left stranded some 2,000 cyclists with the prospect of riding back in the rain. Many bikers wanted to be sagged home, but the MS Society wasn’t equipped to handle this. I gutted it out and the next year and on all subsequent years rides have been structured as two one-day out-and-backs. With the rain coming mainly on Saturday, will make this year’s ride especially hard, since Saturday is always the more popular day.

This year aside, we haven’t given up on biking. I still ride most days in the park and once Anne finishes her long-term sub gig, I’ll get her back out on the bike. We signed up for a new multi-day cycling tour, Cycle Zydeco. We’ll join some of our Saint Louis bike buddies next April, down in Cajun country. 

Before Gordon began to loom over this weekend, we had planned to attend the Saint Louis Art Fair. This fair always conflicted with the MS-150 and it has been years since I’ve attended it. I was looking forward to visiting it this year, but the weather makes this seem more doubtful now. 

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