Yellowstone Video


This is going to be a bit of a nerdy post, so you’ve been warned. The Canon SX-60 is my go to camera. It is feature rich enough to be a jack of all trades, plus it has a pretty amazing 65X optical zoom. It’s now starting to get a bit long in the tooth, so I wish Canon would hurry up and release its successor, but that’s a post for another day. This is the third model in their SX series that I’ve owned. I began with the SX-20, which had a still impressive 20X zoom. A problem with all this zoom is camera shake. It is exacerbated when you are on the move and doing handheld shooting. At 65X my video looks like I have the shakes. This is why I mainly take stills. With still photography it’s easier to shoot with full zoom and get good pictures. Also, still photography is just easier than movies.

When we were in Yellowstone I met someone who also had an SX-60. We were both trying to get pics of distant wildlife. She was using the camera’s Hybrid Auto mode, which I had almost never used. This mode shoots five seconds of video that ends with a distinctive shutter sound and a still. I played a little with it and have collected a few of these snippets here. In order to make this video I bought the 2018 version of Adobe’s Premiere Elements video editing software. I’ve used this tool before, but my old license expired with the antiquated laptop that I had installed it on. Anyway, the new version was only $60 (40% off). I bought it through Amazon, who does a better job of managing my licenses for me. The shake reduction facility in Adobe’s software accounts for the moving field of view in the movie. It’s not something that I would use a lot, but it works here. Enjoy the video.

2 thoughts on “Yellowstone Video

  1. Great shots of the mud pots and boiling waters. I just bought the SX 60 and then purchased a lightweight monopod for the optical zoom. I still have moments where I totally miss the target! I should read the instructions because I haven’t figured out how to do a video. The hybrid video sound like a plan.

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