American Indian Gothic

American Indian Gothic, David Bradley, 1983

I guess that I should write something on this blog, before concerned readers start reaching out to ask me what’s wrong. I would like to go on record to say that I’m fine. There just isn’t all that much that is going on. Anne is consumed with the third grade. The weather in Saint Louis has been awful. Hot, hot, hot and humid too. Highs in the mid-nineties, with heat indexes in the mid-hundreds. Everyday, after I chauffeur Anne to school, I go for a bike ride in the park. Getting some exercise, before it gets too warm. But by ten, it is time to hunker down in the AC. 

Today, though is different. It has been thundering, lightning and raining all morning, but it is much cooler too. The weather maps show a chain of flash flood boxes marching across the state. Needless to say I didn’t go for a ride. All this year’s rain and it has been a wet summer, combined with my automated watering and the sewer district’s daily fire-hosing with their water truck has left the lawn looking quite green and lush.

So, imagine my dismay when red and yellow Dig Right spray paint markings started to appear this week. A contractor came by yesterday to explain that he was going to be replacing two street lights that were supposedly damaged by all of this year’s sewer work. Except the two lights that he indicated that he was going to replace were both working fine last night. His crew showed up today and when I pointed out that the two lights that they were here to replace were just fine. They went, “Oh” and then asked about a third light. I couldn’t tell them anything about that one. Which seemed to content them and commenced to start digging. They are going to bore instead of trenching, so with any luck my yard won’t be visibly affected, but I’m not going to bet on it yet.  

2 thoughts on “American Indian Gothic

    • Last year, after our now annual summer exodus I returned to a parched front yard. This winter, the sewer district tore it up further. I do not look forward to a third time.

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