Asilomar Sanderings

We made it back to Asilomar for some beach walking and tide-pooling. We got there just after low-tide, so there were plenty of sea beasties to be seen, but I was feeling a little cautious and wasn’t too interested in risking injury by rock-hopping too much. Our main fun was on the beach, rather than on the rocks. There were plenty of seabirds to see there. The wind and the surf were up, so it was a wee bit raw, but it was also a good 10 °F warmer than at the house. All the little micro-climes give the Monterey peninsular its rich diversity of nature.

Before we headed out to the coast to go bird watching, Dad organized a really great supper. It featured a tri tip roast. I made dirty mashed-potatoes, with chives and they turned out really well. I have to do them again. Maybe even in a potato-salad? Asparagus topped with Anne’s cream sauce rounded out the sides. Chris’s birthday ice cream cake made for a most excellent dessert. We had picked it up on Saturday and have been noshing on it ever since. It was raining to beat the band, when we drove into Monterey to pick up the cake. There, we ran into the Our Lives’ protest that the rain was just breaking up. In addition to a method of free-speech, protest signs also make a pretty good rain umbrella.

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