Murder by Death

Giant Green anemone

Murder! Involving Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot and their like— Roundup all the usual suspects! All of them have been gazetted with accounts of their many famous investigations into multiple homicides. I know that they hoe close to law enforcement, always sheltering in their lee. This symbiotic relationship has protected them from suspicion, for way too long. Invariably in these stories, some loathsome individual is first killed. No one ever likes these people. In fact, the list of their many detractors usually fills out the rest of the cast and if not for the intervention of these busybody do-gooders that would likely be the end of it all. The premature death of these Cretans would serve as a beneficial cautionary tale, warning others to be more respectful of their fellows, less they too suffer the same fate. All that would be lost are a few bad apples and society would go on and be much better without them. But no, Marple, Poirot and their ilk quickly descend upon the once tranquil English country village and in the name of law and order begin asking all sorts of awkward questions. Questions that soon spur further homicides. If only they had left well enough alone. British ‘30s murder rates would plummet in their absence, but then so would ratings on BBC TV.

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