Vulture’s Row

4 Turkey Vultures in a Row

These four turkey vultures posed so nicely for me, at the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center, located on Key Largo. They were roosting above the cage that held their compatriots, who were the unfortunate guests of the center. I’m sure that none of the birds in the center’s various enclosures really wanted to be in them. These four hapless individuals didn’t seem to comprehend that like the birds in the cage, who couldn’t get out of it, they likewise couldn’t get into it. All they saw was the bounty of free food (squid) that was laid out before them all, tantalizingly close, but also out of their reach. Maybe they were waiting for me to move on and then the vultures inside the enclosure would surreptitiously pass some squid through the wire to these hungry fellows? I don’t really think so, but I was surprised at the large number of vultures that we saw throughout the keys. They are not the kind of bird that I associate with sunny tropical isles. 

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