The Southernmost

Southernmost Point

This pylon is like a mecca for tourists. People line up for their opportunity to pose in front of it. We waited five minutes before we decided to bag that shot. Instead, I waited for the next break between parties to snap this pic. Anne took a photograph of me taking this picture, but I feel posting that would be too meta.

In the present or at least the nearly so, I bicycled on Friday. 57 ºF was what the mercury hit. The pavement was dry and salt encrusted. We’ve been getting way more wintery mix treatment than actual wintery mix. After enough miles on this pavement, you end up having a salty taste in your mouth. Forest Park Forever had recently burnt some of the prairie grasses, between Union and Pine. It must have been a fresh burn, because it still smelled of smoke.

Later, Joanie joined us for a pub crawl of sorts, if one pub signifies a crawl. I guess it all come down to how one exits the bar. We visited O’Shay’s Pub in the Grove. Anne’s holiday office party had been held there and as an enticement for future business, sealed envelopes were passed out. We each snagged one. Anne got one that netted more than 20% off and made for a sweet bar tab.

We were both homebodies on Saturday. Anne knitted and quilted and then quilted and knitted some more. She finished a collar from the first set of yarn that David and Daniel had given her as part of a yarn of the month gift club, from last Christmas. I was successful in my latest vocation, cooking. I made Tandoori chicken naan personal pizzas for dinner. They were quite good.

This morning, I woke up to a sheet of ice. Be careful for what you wish for. It looks like another day at home. When to the Olympics come on?

8 thoughts on “The Southernmost

  1. Native KC gal here, transplaned to the Nation’s capital: Returned from a trip to Phoenix to visit mum, who has been put on hospice. Have trouble getting comfortable with my own blog but the Scottsdale Butterfly Museum made for pretty pictures I ought to post

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