Walter Peck Would Be Pleased


Well, uncrossing the streams got a lot more real today. MSD dropped a stack of 24 segments of sewer pipe (12″ diameter × 12′ long) onto our parking strip. The stack pretty much fills the strip and even crowds the sidewalk. Maybe hosting the porta-potty wouldn’t have been so bad after all. It looks like that once this project is done, I’ll be getting more than my fair share of grass seed and straw. Not that the lawn couldn’t have used some help anyway. We barely got the car out of the driveway and Anne to school, before the street was closed. After the school run, I parked the Prius up the street. Trenching has begun, with a relay of dump trucks hauling away the soil. After, they knocked off at three, I surveyed some of the work that MSD has already done. They have been working their way east, one block at a time. One block over work is mostly complete, but none of the cleanup has begun. Two blocks over, everything is all nice and new again. I guess that patience will have to be my watch word going forward this year.

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