Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost Worlds

Greek Islands Embroidery, 18th-century

Friday, we went to the art museum, but first we lunched at the Seedz Café, a veggie restaurant in the DeMun neighborhood. We walked from lunch to the museum, to get a little exercise. When we arrived at the museum, we ran into a MRH field trip. Even though it was free Friday, the museum is in-between shows right now, but everyone working there gushed over the upcoming show, Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost Worlds. This show features artifacts that were discovered underwater in the Nile River delta. Saint Louis will be this exhibit’s US debut.

Preparations for this show was already evident. The show’s main exhibit area will be in the new wing, where these special shows are usually lodged, but two 17′ tall statues are slated for the museum’s original main hall. They are too big to fit in the special exhibit space. One of these statues will be installed in the space normally occupied by the Spanish-Moorish doors that were restored by our friend, Chris. We were assured that the door is still there. It is just covered now with a backdrop for the arriving statue.

I had to bite my tongue when speaking with the museum staff. I wanted mention that I had seen the King Tut exhibit that had been at the science center. That this show featured fake artifacts probably made it less than desirable to the art staff. The other subject that I dared not mention was Mathew McConaughey’s movie, “Sahara”. This movie featured underwater archeology, along with numerous other more ridiculous plot lines. This show will run from March to September. 

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