St. Augustine

I Need Just One More Good Idea

We made it to Florida! It was a long day’s drive, but before we hit the road, we shared breakfast with Rey and Becca at Market Street Biscuit. Rey made a great choice there. Oh and last night, we all played Sushi Go! It’s a great card game, especially since I won two out of three games. Atlanta was a bit hairy, but otherwise it was an uneventful drive. Tonight, we’re staying at a real live Ho-Jos, it is all coral courts and everything. After we checked in, we walked around the old quarter, taking pictures, during the magic hour. For dinner, we had Cuban. The restaurant was located on Aviles Street, the oldest street in the US. It was in the fifties when we arrived, but fell into the forties after sunset. With our Saint Louis cred, Steve, our waiter from Memphis, told us that he could always tell a Yankee, because they were parading around in shorts and t-shirts.  

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