2017’s Most-Cliché Tourist Pics

Well, it’s that time of year again. I’ve already begun cycling through my regular holiday headers and now it is time to start the old annual end-of-year review. I have a whole collection of these reviews already lined up for this year. So, let’s get the show on the road. This post features a collection of pictures from our travels this year, whose unifying theme is that they are all tourist photos that are so iconic that they border on the cliché. Everyone take them. You’ve seen them all many times, but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily bad photographs. In the world of travel photography, they represent the big game trophies that everyone wants to capture. So, bear with me, while I reminisce awhile and once again trot out these old saws. Thank you for your indulgence. 

4 thoughts on “2017’s Most-Cliché Tourist Pics

  1. What’s odd is that I take the same photos over and over myself. When I go to New York City, which is often, rather than take different photos, I tend to take the same things each time. Weird? Comfortable?

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