4 Days with the Fam… send Booze

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In preparation for Thanksgiving, the media is full of advice on how to get along with the family. Number one on the list is don’t talk politics and number two is respect people’s privacy. The first one shouldn’t be too much trouble, we’re all pretty homogenized in the political sense, but I’ll have to guard against violating the second one, because I do like to pry.

This post’s title was first spied several Thanksgiving holidays ago. We were on the road that year and in a driving rain, we were passed by a battered old Volvo station wagon. On its back window, written in white shoe polish, was “4 Days with the Fam… Send Booze”. Anne always wondered if the driver planned on erasing that message, when they got home, but I always figured that the message was written for the whole family. Hopefully, we can do better than that or at the very least, not run out of booze.

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