The Empire State

Empire State Building in Columbus Day Colors

By the time that I took this picture, I had walked a dozen miles. This photo was shot down by the East River in Williamsburg. The Empire State Building would appear and disappear with the evening’s shifting clouds. This shot is relatively clear, with only the lower half obscured, leaving the top half of this skyscraper looking like it was floating disembodied in the fog. It is seen wearing Italian colors in honor of the holiday. Their parade down 5th Avenue disrupted traffic and I had to detour around it, but I didn’t mind much. After a one block detour, the police closures actually helped me get to MoMA faster, because it closed the streets that I was crossing to car traffic. Elsewhere, Columbus Day is poo-pooed for the Native American genocide that he proceeded, but in New York, it is all about Italian pride. I hear that on off nights, the Empire State Building entertains suggestions for the building’s nightly colored light display. I think that it is sort of a contest. I’m trying to think what kind of color scheme that I would suggest?  

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