The Big (Pumpkin Spiced) Apple

Liberty Island and the Jersey Shore

It is still hot here in the Lou. Yesterday, we tied a record, but tomorrow it should cool down and be more autumnal. It is about time that Fall fell. I’ve certainly swilled enough pumpkin spice to make it so. I even saw in the store, but did not buy, Nitro Pumpkin Spice Latté Beer. It is a nitrogen charged coffee stout.

Today was the first day of Anne’s newest long-term substitute position. She will be busy with this job for the rest of the year. Meanwhile, me the retired guy will be left to his own devices. Fortunately for me I now have a co-conspirator. This last summer, back at the cabin, my friend Chris and I hatched a plan for a road trip next month. I think that the epic road trip into the desert southwest that Anne and I had enjoyed last summer might had been his inspiration.

The plan that we had hatched would be for me to fly to Rochester, NY and then for Chris and I to drive from there to NYC. Not an epic drive, but certainly long enough to begin wondering, “Are we there yet?” We would share a hotel room in Brooklyn, Chris would get to see his sister and niece and I would get to see Dan. Later, since he is in Beantown now I invited Dave to visit too. Some time passed, Anne and I enjoyed our visit to Monterey, later I got a text from Chris in Croatia and today I got a text from Dave asking if he could bring a “plus one” with him. I figured that my invitation to Dave would have been fine, but a plus one would have been two too many for one room. Luckily, Dan is in-between roommates now, so they can stay with him. If we can ever manage to herd all of these cats together in one place, then it will make for some party.

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