Point Pinos

Point Pinos Lighthouse

Dad, Anne and I began the day with a scenic drive up Carmel Valley Road. We started at its beginning on the coast highway and drove its entire twisty turning length, some forty miles, to where it ends on the inland side of the coastal range at Arroyo Seco. It kind of ended as it began, with vineyards and wineries. There were lots of mountains and ranches in-between. As we topped the valley’s crest, we flushed two vultures off of fence posts. It was a nice drive, with hardly any traffic, very scenic. We went on to Soledad, caught the 101 up to Salinas and then back to Monterey. It was quite the road trip and not just some ‘three-hour tour’. 

That was the morning. In the afternoon, Anne and I went back to Pacific Grove, to the yarn store again. Anne needed different sized needles. Afterwards, we spent the afternoon by the shore. We started at Lovers Point and worked our way around the peninsula to Asilomar. We spent most of our time in the middle, at Point Pinos. We saw otters, seals and whales and lots of birds too. Anne saw a whale fluke, but I just saw the spout. We started at high tide, but continued long enough to see the waters drop and expose a few sea beasties for our inspection.  

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