Festival of Nations

African Belly Dancer

Anne and I bicycled over to Tower Grove Park and joined the Festival of Nations that was occurring there this weekend. This is an end of August event that usually has us crying: Oh the humanity! Oh the humidity! Not this year though, the weather has been gorgeous this weekend. As per usual, we split our time between the cornucopia of food, music and merchandise. It seemed like there were even more booths than in past years. We got there early, not too long after the festival opened and before the crowds arrived. This year we ate, Iranian, Ethiopian and Nepalese. We listened to Scottish music, watched African dancers and heard some American standards too. Anne saw many items from around the world that she liked, but resisted buying anything. When the crowds arrived, we decided to depart and hopped on our conveniently parked bikes and pedaled them home. Each of the individual participating organizations were into fundraising, but the festival had dedicated itself to immigration. It had already picked people to bring to America.

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