Trans-Superior Sailboats

Trans-Superior Sailboats

Chris and I bicycled today. We could not induce Anne to ride with us, because she chose to spend a beach day, on the beach with her sister Jane, who arrived last night. We now have six at the cabin. Chris and I rode out to the lighthouse, where yesterday, we had witnessed the start of the Trans-Superior race. Today, there were no sailboats, there were no folk singers, the lighthouse wasn’t even open. On the way out, we stopped at the Dancing Crane coffee shop, for some hot brew and on the way back, we stopped at Pickles, the latest edition to the Brimley restaurant scene, for some fish and cold brew.

We returned to the cabin too late and too hot and sweaty, to attend Charles’ art show today [Sunday! Sunday!]. Instead, I took my second bath in the lake this summer and in case you were interested, the water was warm and my eyes are brown. Afterwards, Chris and I did a little blueberry picking. When Anne and her folks returned, we began fixing dinner. Tonight’s sumptuous meal featured two slabs of wild salmon, corn on the cob and a really nice salad. Jane had volunteered to do the dishes, but soon found herself in over her head. The sink drain in the kitchen had sprung a leak, filled the trashcan under the sink with water and generally made a mess. It was all hands on deck then! Harry fixed the drain, while Chris and I emptied the trashcan full of water. It’s a good thing that Jane showed up here when she did, otherwise we all might have drowned.

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