The Ugly Duckling

Trumpeter Swan Cygnet

“What’s with those legs? The look like they were put on upside down.” This was a question posed about the cygnet Trumpeter Swans the we saw in Seney last week. They really do look pretty goofy. Supposedly, they are attached about the same on the adult swans, but with all of their feathers, you can’t really see how screwy they look. Birds legs are often pretty funky looking.

We finished up the road work today. We moved five wagon loads of gravel, which at three yards or four tons to the load, sums to 15 yards or 20 tons. The lion’s share of thanks go to Andrew, Zackery and Caleb. We never could have done it without them. Harry, Anne, Dan and I also helped again. The road felt really good this afternoon, when we drove into town the road felt like butter. Anne, Dan and I had lunch at Wicked Sister and then cruised by the Soo art fair.

Now, it’s time to take a little dig at management. A second day of roadwork and again no orange barrels, tisk, tisk. We had gotten pretty good working as a team, but without orange barrels, how are we ever going to be able to take this show on the road? Also, Mayor Pete needs to learn that a request to move his truck forward four feet does not mean moving the truck forward 16′ or more and Mr. Bill needs to learn to stop throwing sand. I always thought that was the first rule of the beach. My shoes were full of it by the end.  

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