Yooper Gothic

Yooper Gothic

We did get to work on the Green Tunnel road today. Pete came through, ably assisted by Mr. Bill! There was a great turnout of men, boys and one woman. We moved three truck loads of sand and gravel and already plan on doing two more tomorrow. It was pretty easy work with all of the other hands involved and the work schedule, a half-hour on and an hour off each time, while the truck went back to reload. Here is a special shoutout to the Mullins, for all their work! We never could have done it without you! Harry, Dan, Anne and I also helped. 

That’s the sound of the men [+1 woman] working on the chain gang.
All day long they’re singing, hoo-ah, hoo-ah. – Sam Cooke

I only have one little complaint to lodge. Where were the orange barrels? I also feel that we should have obstructed traffic more than we did. I mean, we never got more than a one car backup, How are you going to get road rage with that? 

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