White Admiral

White Admiral Butterfly

Today was laundry day, which was followed by lunch at Karl’s, down on Portage. This time, we ate outside on the upper deck. Our perch afforded us a beautiful view of the 1000′ ore boat, American Integrity, which was locking through down-bound at the time. After lunch, we walked the length of tourist row to Fudge du Locke. The ‘e’ is on the end, because it is French, don’t you know. We bought some fudge and then felt self-conscious about our purchase, because we had to carry the bright yellow box back the length of tourist row, to the car. We felt like such fudgies!

Anne just had to visit the Happy Hooker one more time before it closed and ended up buying the left side of the menu. Then it was grocery shopping at Meijer’s and then back to the cabin. It was almost three when we got back and what with putting way groceries and laundry and making the beds, we had ended up wasting a perfectly good beach day.

We ended up doubling down on that loss, when Anne, Harry and I formed our own little reenactment of George Caleb Bingham’s 1850s famous painting “The Wood-boat”. Harry had ordered firewood to be delivered, after we had nearly exhausted the supply. In the painting. three people sit in a boat, bored, waiting patiently for the next passing paddle-wheeler plying the mighty Mississippi that needed to restock their wood supply. Instead of waiting for a showboat, we were waiting for the wood truck to arrive. Eventually, the truck and trailer arrived, piloted by a father-son combo. The father told us that he had been delivered by Anne’s Uncle Don. They pulled into the parking area and were able to successfully dump the wood. Then the fun began. They had to back up their truck and trailer. There was the sound of more than a few snapping branches, before they finally got turned around, but they eventually made it.

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