Fiery Sunset

Fiery Sunset

It’s raining rats at Chipotle! A Dallas woman’s lunch was “ruined by rodents falling from the ceiling.” The restaurant responded by saying that this was an “isolated and rare incident.” Don’t worry people, I’m sure the rats hanging there are free range and have grass-fed, non-GMO diets. Meanwhile, here at the old cabin there have been absolutely no mice sightings, except for Jane’s, but that’s in the past. Maybe, all of the rain that we’ve been having has screwed up the local Mus ecosystem?  Maybe, it’s still too early? Maybe, we are just getting too old to notice that the mice are playing poker in the kitchen all night long? 

What makes the cabin so magical is that there is nature just outside the door. You can look out a window and see birds, chipmunks, squirrels and even a prancing hare in the surrounding woods. For a city boy, this country living is a treat. In the decades that I have been annually trekking north to this locale, I have never stayed here more than a week or two. This year, I have already stayed up here longer than I ever have before and with hundred plus degree temperatures melting the Lou, I’m in no hurry to head home.

Occasionally, nature does intrude into the cabin. It doesn’t always have to be mice. Those same windows on the surrounding nature are frequently peppered with dancing mosquitoes trying to get inside and then sometimes they do enter the cabin, which is always a treat. because they always seem to favor biting me over all others. Mostly though, this last intrusion has not been too much of an issue. It was way worst, back in the day, when wee ones frequently flung the door open and then neglected to close it behind them. 

Then there is the beach, a half-mile of crystalline beige sand that is a joy to walk upon, sit upon and talk with neighbors upon. Beyond the beach lies Lake Superior and what more can be said about that? I think that the picture speaks a thousand words. When you are on the beach it is a beach day, even if you are hunkering down from the flying wind and spray. Today, was an exceptional beach day, with warm temperatures, a cloudless sky and temps in the seventies. There were plenty of other beach bums about to share this bounty with. It is pretty idyllic here this summer and I guess that my only complaint would be that someone keeps putting sand in my bed, but then tomorrow is laundry day. 

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