Male Pine Cones

Earlier this week, while we were walking the beach, Anne and I noticed ‘smoke’ wafting out from among the shore’s tree line. At first we thought that we might be seeing cabin smoke, but it was too pervasive for that. Eventually, we were close enough to one pine tree to see the pine pollen flying off its branches, in the form of a green mist. This mist soon became a green film that coated the cars and everything else. Today’s aerosol is fog. First the island disappeared and then I walked the beach in the fog, which was a little spooky. The world seemed to have closed in around me and as I moved down the beach, this little world around me, moved with me. There were two freighters somewhere out in the fog, the Baie St. Paul and the Radcliffe R Latimer, one down bound and the other up bound. As they approached each other, they sounded their horns at each other, like two blind men stumbling in the dark, even if they do have GPS and radar onboard. Later the fog lifted, leaving the air clear, with nothing green or gray left floating in it. 

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