Navajo Loop Trail

Anne on Wall Street, Bryce

Our first hike down into Bryce Canyon and then back up again was on the Navajo Loop Trail. It is the most popular hiking trail in the park. It begins and ends with switchbacks, but in-between, you walk among the hoodoos. The most famous section of the trail is known as Wall Street, where the rock walls close in and you are left in your own little world.  

Anne and I bicycled today. Just a turn around Forest Park. Her rear derailleur may need some additional adjustments, since there was a little bit of rattling going on with the chain. It was a beautiful day, with pleasant temperatures in the seventies and low humidity for a change. Consequently, the park was mobbed. There was a huge backup on the highway of cars trying to get into the park, but the bike path wasn’t too bad.

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