La Sal Mountains

La Sal Mountains from Arches NP

La Sal (salt) mountains were so named by early Spanish explorers, because while traveling around them in the hot and arid country of what is now southern Utah, they could not believe that these white-capped peaks could possibly be snow-covered, but had to be caused by salt deposits. These mountains rise to above 12,000 feet and can easily keep their snow cover well into the summer. While out west, we experienced both hot and cold weather. The temperature was a function of elevation. It was nice to choose your weather, by choosing locale.

It’s Father’s Day and after three weeks in the desert, a rocket trip to Purdue and entertaining out-of-town friends, a little down time feels good today. It stormed a little last night and the rain continued into the morning hours, both lengthening the evening’s slumber and contributing a typical Sunday morning’s lethargy. Like I said, it feels good for a change. This is an inflection point. We’ve finished one great adventure and now it is time to prepare for another one. Anne has already compiled a lengthy to-do list for herself and I am tabulating my own. 

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