Lake Boat at Dusk

Lake Boat at Dusk

Anne told me about a game that is all the rage at school these days. She calls it the Flipping Game as in, “I wish they would stop playing that flippin’ game.” It is a game of skill where the participant tosses an object with the goal of sticking its landing upside-down. Think of a cylinder, say a can, but it doesn’t have to be a can, some water bottles are popular objects for flipping too. Yesterday, two boys were playing the game. One of them bragged that he could flip anything. The other one doubted this and cried, “No, you can’t.” “Yes, I can.” “No, You Can’t!” “YES, I CAN!!!” At this point the doubter whipped out a unsharpened pencil and said, “Then flip this.” The braggart said, “I can’t flip that.” At this point Anne stepped in and told them, “Please cease this pointless argument.”

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