Christina’s World

Christina’s World, Andrew Wyeth

Thursday was a workday. Dan built IKEA bookshelves and I filled them. We tried a new coffeehouse, Routine, which is just down the street from Father Knows Best. There Dan scheduled an appointment to have the Internet hooked up later in the day. After an hour of sipping on coffee it was time for some lunch. We ate at a pub nearby called Industry 1332, then it was time to get back to work. The AT&T guy showed up and we were on the web. Later, a friend showed up, Katy, with her two-year-old daughter Dani. She had brought donuts. After they left, we walked to a pizza place called Houdini, ate there and then called it a night. It sounds like a day full of eating, which it was, but it also generated a lot of leftovers for today.

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