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Rochester Farmers Market's Cherry Tomatoes

Rochester Farmers Market’s Cherry Tomatoes

Yesterday, our new refrigerator was delivered by a two-man team in the heat of the afternoon. The spokesman was a small guy, a little bit shorter than I, but wiry, very wiry. His partner was a mountain. The spokesman met with me, sized up the problem and then went back to consult with his much larger partner, who had already offloaded the unit from the truck. They followed my advice and brought it around back and up the back porch steps, directly into the kitchen. They both used a single strap that they each hung over one shoulder. Each man could cinch his end of the strap, but they were both connected through this umbilical, with the refrigerator slung between them. They still had to take the backdoor off its hinges to get it inside. It was all over in just fifteen minutes. They were very professional.

People have been asking me for months now, “What are you going to do in your retirement?” Now that I have a working refrigerator, I can start cooking more. I got fixings for and have already puréed the gazpacho for dinner tomorrow. It’s a New York Times recipe that is said to be authentically Seville Spanish. Its color is more that of the yellow cherry tomatoes pictured above, even though I used only red tomatoes to make it with. It looks like extra pulpy OJ, which matches the picture with the recipe. If it turns out well, I’ll make a second batch for a potluck this weekend. I also swung by Trader Joes and got a package of their frozen chocolate croissants that Jane introduced us to on our last morning in Ann Arbor. You fresh bake them and they are fantastic. Thank you, Jane!

[The gazpacho turned out great!]

Anne has started school again this week, with two half-days in the afternoon, both yesterday and today. I ran errands this morning, before it got too hot and I was mostly successful. Two of the errands involved changing theater dates, in order to accommodate our planned trip to California. I had to move tickets to two shows, which I did, but unfortunately one of the new nights conflicts with another engagement. So, I’ll have to revisit that errand again tomorrow. Too bad, because I got really great seats.

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