Durable Goods

I made Jane’s Chicken Enchilada dish last night and it turned out great. I even had enough green enchilada sauce this time (15 oz.). There was just one wee little problem though. The refrigerator died. Unlike last time, when I called in Oscar to fix it, this time, the refrigerator was only partly dead, instead of mostly dead. The freezer is still cold enough to refrigerate non-frozen food. Still, it won’t make ice, so it was time to say adios to the old ice box. You know what they say, when the going gets tough the tough go shopping and that’s what we did. We started at Lowes, because they opened first this morning.

Upfront, they had these double-wide units that ran into the thousands of dollars. No thank you. Some even had TV screens on the doors. I joked that we could emulate this feature by taping our iPad onto the door of our new refrigerator. The complete back wall of one huge unit was one big flat screen TV. I think that it was just a display unit, but I could see myself explaining to Anne why all the ice cream had melted on the floor, “Honest honey, I only watched one movie.” No thank you very much. We checked out the cheap models and then moved on to our next destination, Best Buys.

Just this morning, Best Buys announced much better than expected earnings. We took this as an omen. We parked in their underground garage and just barely caught the elevator up to the store. Our friend and fellow bicycle rider, Paul of Recycled Cycles held the door for us. It turns out that he was shopping for a refrigerator too. He had already been to Lowes like us and Menards, where we were thinking of going next, but his description of the place dissuaded us from doing that. We ended up buying from Best Buys. We got one of their house brand units. It should be delivered tomorrow. Apparently, a lot of problems that at first seem rather insurmountable are really easily solved with just the simple application of a credit card. OBTW, we’ve been eating enchiladas three times a day today. They won’t spoil.

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