Highland Diner

Highland Diner

Highland Diner

Nothing could be finer than dining at the diner. We left Rochester this morning, after a marvelous weekend with friends. Thank you, Chris, Alice, Bob and Noreen! We definitely look forward to you visiting us next year. We had one more meal with Chris and Bob, the girls were already off to work. It was at the Highland Diner, an authentic prefabbed diner that was parked in its current spot many years ago. Chris’s boys, Brian and Rene were just pulling out, when we pulled up. We are in Ann Arbor tonight, at Bubs and Harry’s house, doing laundry, sorting luggage and paying bills, all general housekeeping chores. We ended up driving through Cleveland instead of Canada today, because in the end there wasn’t all that much difference in travel times and by staying in the States, we could stream Pandora. We spent the day listening to fifties rock and roll and getting clunky casino ads from Saint Louis. Tomorrow, we head back up to the cabin, but only for a little while, because we’ll be back here on Saturday and home finally on Sunday night. We’ve both had a great time this summer on this rather extended trip, but I must admit that I am looking forward to eventually sleeping in my own bed again, at least for a little while, before it’s off to California on our next trip.

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