I’m Being Watched

Here, I'm Being Watched by a Frog

Here, I’m Being Watched by a Frog

Whether you live alone or like me now, with just my wife, the kids being grown, coming to the cabin is like diving into communal living. Let’s start with the cabin’s layout. There is the original 1924 log cabin that has now morphed into the great room or more recently into the pretty good room. It is all one room, with a small sleeping loft above half of it. As near as I can tell, this said sleeping loft was last used for sleeping when my wife was a little girl. She was exiled to the loft with her cold and spent the night with her head under the blankets, because of dive-bombing bats. As far as I am concerned there have always been two porches, a front and a back one. I’ll bow to convention here. The newest is the front one. It is a sleeping porch and faces the lake. The back porch is also relatively new and features the kitchen, a bathroom and the master bedroom. Except for the master bedroom, there are no private sleeping quarters in this cabin, once the cabin has filled, but then we are all family here, all comrades.

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